The shadow of your dog

2018, 4-channel audio, 16′ 30″ duration, printed text

The shadow of your dog is an installation work consisting of a 4-channel audio loop and a related text.

Where is the emotional weight of a song located? How does it engage in pathos? This is a song that listens, lets the body take over, and moves to a transmutational engagement with what Roland Barthes called the ‘grain’ of the voice, or ‘the materiality of the body speaking its mother tongue’.

This work began as a collection of notes made in response to a difficult personal situation. At the same time, I was experimenting with non-verbal vocalisations in connection with an unrelated project. These vocalisations soon became mentally fused with the notes I was making, and I began thinking of the relationship between them as kind of song.

I decided to create an environment in which this song could be physically manifested, in order for it to be experienced from within. My intention is for the viewer to move around within the work, so that their body becomes part of activating it.

I consider the crux of this work to be in the relations between listening to audio, reading the text and the physical environment installation. These relations may be experienced in memory as much as within the installation itself. To this end, the text is presented on A4 printed sheets which viewers can take away with them.

(Stereo excerpt of 4-channel audio)

Installation views from Mountain Song (Master of Voice MA graduation show), Dokzaal, Amsterdam, June 2018