Artist statement

Thom Driver is an artist and musician. His practice converges around several questions: how is language used to perpetuate power structures? How can it be re-imagined as a space of alterity and resistance to these structures? Using sound, video, drawing, text and performance, his work foregrounds emotion, humour and the surreal to get into the cracks in things and explore moments when hidden truths permeate carefully composed façades.


vid test

Detail views of paintings on loose fabric, titles and dates unknown, approx 200 x 150 cm

Various drawings, titles and dates unknown

Anna Zyro
Temporary Arrangement #2

Installation view, Listen up, I’ll show you something, Galerie Oberwelt, Stuttgart, March 2022

Temporary Arrangement #1

Installation view, De Aanschouw, Rotterdam, March 2021

7″ vinyl 2022

De wind heeft je hier geleid, waar ik mijn artistieke werk doneer.
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    The wind blew you here, where I give away my artistic labour.
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    A sporadic experiment, a three-headed situation that occasionally manifests to channel instrument misuse into a gnarly compound. The formula is TD-PH-JT.

    Stump Collector on soundcloud

    Stump Collector
    First excerpt, late summer at the farm:

    Piper’s Son on bandcamp

    Piper’s Son

    Who Started This? (Vinyl LP, 2016)

    The Roar From Behind (LP, 2013)

    Physical product released by
    Vacilando 68 Recordings

    Live performances included Supernormal, Latitude and Reading festivals, UK; Incubate festival, Netherlands, and numerous performances across the UK and Europe.

    2018, Master of Voice MA thesis

    Beyond words, between ears

    Chapter excerpt from Beyond words, between earsdownload  




    This thesis examines listening as an active process in which meaning is made. It goes on to imagine a de-technologised / hyper-linguistic future in which communication develops into new forms following technological and environmental collapse.

    A New Career in a New Town

    2016, audio, duration 2:59

    Shortly after moving to Amsterdam in 2016, I was invited by London-based radio station Resonance FM to cover a David Bowie song of my choice. The title of this instrumental, from Bowie’s 1977 album Low, neatly described my position at the time and carries with it an invigorating sense of renewal and hope.

    In this entirely acapella version the usually distinct categories of voice and instrument are merged. The voice, freed from the task of conveying language, becomes its own song.

    Where Am I?

    2016, video with sound, duration 1:01

    The need to articulate the inarticulable, in formal art education settings, can become a trap. Language fails me and the gaps between words become increasingly loaded. In this short piece, my acknowledgement of being stuck becomes a liberatory experience, and the non-place between words is expanded and reclaimed as a site of meaning.