BABYMAN’S album released 23 February 2022 on all major streaming platforms

BABYMAN special feature on DeXter Bentley’s Hello Goodbye show – Resonance 104.4 FM
BABYMAN takes over BOMBART on Radio Alhara – full show




Trailer for Akademia (camera: Lucas Dülligen, editing: Chnucki Erdbeer)


2019, opera, duration approx 3.5 hrs

Akademia is an experimental opera, for which I composed the music for two of the five scenes. It was instigated and led by Aylin Leclaire, and was staged outdoors in Malkasten Park, Düsseldorf, in June 2019.

Using an innovative structure, the opera questions the limits of creative freedom in the academy, and the ways in which artistic ‘success’ is defined under capitalism.

Half A Brick (LP, 2019)

Original Swiss Wedding (EP, 2009)

Brown (LP, 2008)

Arthur Brick live in London, c.2008, video edited by Rick Carbone

Arthur Brick on Bandcamp
Arthur Brick gig posters by John Strutton

Arthur Brick

Arthur Brick has been at various times: Rick Carbone, John Cheeseman, Thom Driver, Pablo Ferretti, Jonathan Goslan, Peter Harris, Heidi Smith, John Strutton