New album Half A Brick (LP, 2019) – out now via Bandcamp

Original Swiss Wedding (EP, 2009)

Brown (LP, 2008)

Arthur Brick live in London, c.2008, video edited by Rick Carbone


Arthur Brick


Arthur Brick on Bandcamp
Arthur Brick gig posters by John Strutton

Arthur Brick has been at various times: Rick Carbone, John Cheeseman, Thom Driver, Pablo Ferretti, Jonathan Goslan, Peter Harris, Heidi Smith, John Strutton

First excerpt, late summer at the farm:
Stump Collector

A sporadic experiment, a three-headed situation that occasionally manifests to channel instrument misuse into a gnarly compound. The formula is TD-PH-JT.

Stump Collector on soundcloud

Who Started This? (Vinyl LP, 2016)

The Roar From Behind (LP, 2013)

Physical product released by
Vacilando 68 Recordings

Live performances included Supernormal, Latitude and Reading festivals, UK; Incubate festival, Netherlands, and numerous performances across the UK and Europe.

Piper’s Son


Piper’s Son on bandcamp